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Aquawoman Dive Team for 2016




Dive Boat: Tempest - Freeport
Robin L. Finkelstein
Elana Orenbuch
April Manzanares
Anna Scimone
Janet McLoughlin
Victoria Marvelli

Dive Boat: Half-time - Captree
Andrea Fiore Nydegger
Freddie Bonaire
Ruth Charles Dodge
Elaine Turley
Linda Gotti
Ann McLeod

Dive Boat: Sidekick East Moriches

Sally Wahrmann
Leilani E Elias
Jeanine Corbett Furco
Dawn Michelle
Alicia Sirois
Maureen Porqueddu

Dive Boat: Sea Hawk - Freeport
Marina Nitselsky
Kerrin Toner
Heather Larsen
Natalie Whiteman
Margot Colleen

Doreen Doherty

*New members indicated in green










2016  AquaWoman Dive

Destination: U.S.S. San Diego

Depth: 110'

Type: Armored cruiser, U.S. Navy Built: 1904, San Francisco USA, as U.S.S. California.

Specs: ( 503 x 70 ft ) 13680 ton displacement. On September 1, 1914, her name was changed from the U.S.S. California to the U.S.S. San Diego. An act of Congress reserved state names for battleships only. As the U.S.S. California, she served in the "Great White Fleet" circa 1908.   Sunk: Friday July 19, 1918 from explosion, probably struck a mine laid by U-156, officially 6 casualties. 


The wreck of the San Diego now lies in 110 feet of water, 9 miles south of Long Island, New York. The wreck has considerably deteriorated since this sketch was made and can be reached from the surface at a depth of approximately 70-75 feet