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2013 AquaWoman Dive


Click here for 2013 Dive Team Roster

The 2013 AquaWoman dive will be held

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

aboard the

Jeanne II  - Capt. Bill Reddan


Click here to download an application for the 2013 AquaWoman Dive


Boarding is at 5:00 AM at Pier 5, Sheepshead Bay, NY and leaves the dock at 5:30 AM Sharp




Dive Site: USS Algol


Algol (Andromeda class attack transport - freighter U.S. Navy), also known as a "Victory Ship".

The Algol was 459'2 in length with a 63' beam and displaced 6,830 tons. Her massive structure and eight decks brought her height to nearly 100 feet. She was manned by 44 officers, 30 petty officers and 350 crew. Powered by a single screw double reduction turbine, the Algol could reach a top speed of 16.5 knots. Built as an attack cargo vessel the Algol was designed to assist in an amphibious invasion by carrying tanks, trucks and artillery to troops assaulting beachheads.
                    Sunk November 21, 1991


For more information: Dan Berg's Wreck Valley - Algol
USS Algol Tribute web site