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2010 AquaWoman Dive

2010 Aquawomen Dive Team

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Dive Boat: Jeanne II

The 2010 AquaWoman dive will be held

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

aboard the

Jeanne II  - Capt. Bill Reddan



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Stolt Dagali

The Stolt Dagali was a 583 foot, 19,150 ton Norwegian steel hulled tanker. She was built in Denmark by Burmeister & Wain shipbuilders, in 1955. The Dagali which was named after a mountain in Norway, was owned by AS Ocean Company, her port of registry was Oslo, Norway.

On November 26, 1964 (Thanksgiving Day), while on her way in a dense fog from Philadelphia to Newark, N.J., the Stolt Dagali was struck by the Caribbean bound, 629 foot, Israeli luxury liner S.S. Shalom. The Shalom's bow sliced neatly through the Stolt Dagali's port side, sheering off her stern. The Stolt Dagali's 140 foot stern sank immediately taking 19 crew members to the bottom with her.


Today, a 140 foot piece of the Stolt Dagali's stern rests on its starboard side 36 miles out of Debs Inlet, Long Island, and 18 miles from Manasquan Inlet, New Jersey, in area known as Wreck Valley. Her remains lie in 130 feet of water, but rise to within 65 feet of the surface. Visibility on the wreck is considered above average for the New York, New Jersey area.


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