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2007  DIVE  


August 4th 2007, Saturday, on the Lockness

Destination: U.S.S. San Diego

(depth range: 70 to 110 fsw)

Boarding time is 6:00 AM

Departure time: 6:30 AM SHARP!


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2007 AquaWoman Dive Team


Esther Askins

Joan Hassler

Lorraine Epstein

Caroline Swift

Ronnie Gilligan

Darlene Reese

Freddie Hughes

Linda Gotti

Andrea Nydeggar



Shelly Johnson

Laura Weisberg

Pat Forges

Janice Raber

Kaz Sanchez

Kathy Cascarella

Lynne Maher


Tamara Wainer


Sunjin Harrington



The Aquawoman dive held on the Lockness


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